Is your club prepared

Nov 29, 2012

Wooden House with Checklist

photo credit: Chris Potter  licensed by CC BY 2.0

by: Rhonda Vrell, Kiwanis International Area Director

I just saw a story on CNN about the biggest difference being made in the lives of people affected by Sandy. It didn’t come from government agencies—it came from local volunteers. That’s no surprise to us Kiwanians. We understand how much volunteer service adds to our communities and lives.

But it raises another question: Is your Kiwanis club and your community ready for a disaster? 

If the unthinkable strikes, do you have a plan for contacting all of your club members—including those without cell-phone service—and assessing their needs? Can you help them or direct other Kiwanians to help them? If the answer is “no” or “I’m not sure,” now is the time to develop a plan.

Perhaps there are one or two people in your club who everyone contacts, or maybe you coordinate a plan with your District office. Take the time to figure out how everyone can check in—and what you should do if you don’t hear back from someone in a designated length of time.

What about your community as a whole? Are you a part of the plan for disaster preparedness? What part is that? You need to know, so you can begin mobilizing your club members as soon as a disaster strikes—or even before. That way, you can be specific about your needs when other clubs and Kiwanians try to help your community get back on its feet.

Don’t wait. Reach out to your club members and your community today—and be a part of your community’s future.

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