Visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Dec 01, 2012

4000 Kiwanians at the white house 1936

This past September, the United States White House welcomed a delegation of Kiwanis members into the Washington, D.C. residence. But it wasn’t the first time, Kiwanis members were invited to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In June 1936, the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt greeted an estimated 4,000 “fellow” members assembled on the south lawn.

“I think you know of my fairly long association with Kiwanis,” said President Roosevelt, who was then a member of the Manchester, Georgia, Kiwanis Club. “And I think you know also of my special interest in one of the many fine things that Kiwanians are doing and that relates to looking after crippled children.”

Read the rest of President Roosevelt’s remarks and view the complete panoramic photo of the historic occasion.

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