It's about time ... Recognition and Reward for members!

Dec 05, 2012
Gift with Ribbon

photo by: ash-s under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By Stephanie Ursini

As a president or membership chairwoman, what better way to kick off the new Kiwanis year and have some fun too! Go to the grocery store and buy a box of “Special K” cereal for every member of your club. Donate all the cereal inside the box to a food pantry or women’s shelter (etc.). Keep all the boxes and place a surprise gift inside each box with a card recognizing the member as a “Special K” member for their good works; make a big deal out of it! Then explain that the cereal was donated to feed a hungry child. Every member gets recognized for something!

Some ideas for inside the box are: Kiwanis retail items: flashlights, pens, ice scrapers, shirts, pins, coffee mugs, night light. For more ideas go to Kiwanis Store.

Some other ideas are: coffee gift cards, box full of homemade cookies, treats, fun gifts like a crown for a king or queen of service or fundraising, sandbox shovel for building a new club, baton for passing to the next leader of club or committee, golden spatula for pancake flippers, flashlight for those seeking new opportunities for growth, pompons for members who cheerlead efforts so the public hears about your club, a framed picture of an event … picture is worth a thousand words! Go ahead, have some fun, because it’s TIME to Recognize and Reward! Just do it!


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