Giving Shelter Timeline

Dec 16, 2012

Wabash County Animal Shelter

Smelling of must and rotting from the inside, the animal shelter of Mt. Carmel, Illinois, badly needed to be rescued. When the local Kiwanis club decided to make it happen, they went beyond patching the leaky roof: they catalyzed their town into supporting the creation of a new, state-of-the-art building. In one year.

April 2009: Kiwanis receives project approval from the County Board.

May 2009: Fundraising begins. In one night, half the projectnearly $50,000is donated.

July 2009: Volunteers break ground for the shelter.

August 2009: A Doggy Swim fundraiser is held at the city pool.

September 2009: Foundation work is completed.  

September 2009: The club holds a barn raising.

Winter 2010: Club works three days a week on the shelter’s construction.

March 2010: Interior work is completed.

April 10, 2010: Wabash County Animal Shelter hosts its grand opening.

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