Zozobra Extras

Dec 16, 2012

Here’s some insight from Santa Fe Kiwanians on making a big event a big success.

Big event, big results

Think big. One big event can be a boon to a club. The Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe has about 70 members. Not everyone’s extremely active year-round, but the entire membership’s involved in Zozobra. “It unites us,” says member Bob Clifford.

Get people involved. “The day of pancake breakfasts is dying. People like activities. They want to be physically and emotionally involved,” says Anthony Atwell. Zozobra is incredibly hands-on.

Partner with teens. “Even though Kiwanians help children, we’re afraid of the teenagers,” says Ray Valdez. Through Zozobra, the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe bridges the gap, giving three local Key Clubs exclusive rights to sell water, drinks and candy at Zozobra. Many of those Key Clubbers join the Kiwanis club as adults.

Build a flexible team. Putting on an event the size of Zozobra requires flexible schedules for the core team. Ray Valdez is a building contractor. Garson Salas works nights. Talia Storch works part-time.

Connect with the community. The fact that Santa Fe Kiwanians already volunteered for Zozobra made it easy for Will Shuster to bequeath the event to the club. And today the club works with city officials to make sure Zozobra works for the town. A few years back, the club changed the day of the event to make it easier for city officials to control.

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