Elections and actions on amendments in Vancouver

Jun 29, 2013

Following are the results of House of Delegates action at the 2013 Kiwanis International convention in Vancouver, British Columbia:


These individuals were elected to serve Kiwanis International.

President: Gunter Gasser, Austria District
President-elect: John R. Button, Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District
Vice president: Susan A. Petrisin, Michigan District


United States and Pacific Canada Region: 

These individuals were elected to a three-year term:

Asia-Pacific Region:

Florencio C. “Poly” Lat, Philippine Luzon District, was elected to a three-year term this past March at the 2013 Asia-Pacific Convention in Hiroshima, Japan.

Europe Region:

Marcel Kreienbühl, Switzerland-Liechtenstein District, was elected to a three-year term at the 2013 Kiwanis International-European Federation Convention in Berlin, Germany, May 30-June 2. 


Below are the results of the proposed amendments.


  • #1: Provide for earlier publication of proposed amendments and resolutions, allowing clubs to take advantage of early convention registration rates. 
  • #2: Provide that district house action shall be the normal method of endorsing candidates for Kiwanis International Board offices, while allowing district board endorsements under extenuating circumstances.
  • #3: Provide that a district governor must finish his/her term before officially announcing his/her candidacy for Kiwanis International trustee.
  • #4: Discontinue the dues rebate for clubs that have grown at least 25 percent.
  • #8: Clarify provisions regarding conduct unbecoming a Kiwanis International officer
  • #9: Clarify that clubs are the constituent members of federations.
  • #10: Allow flexibility in the composition of a federation’s governing board.
  • #13: Provide that criminal background checks conducted by a district will be accepted by Kiwanis International.


  • #6: Allow clubs a varying number of delegates at district conventions, based on the number of club members.
  • #12: Limit campaign spending and campaign practices for Kiwanis International Board offices. 
  • #14: Reduce reimbursements for Kiwanis International past presidents. 
  • #15: Change the motto of Kiwanis International.


  • #5: Discontinue the dues waiver for new members of clubs who were former members of Kiwanis’ Service Leadership Programs.
  • #11: Waive Kiwanis International dues for certain members experiencing hardship circumstances.

Referred to committee

  • #7: Help protect clubs and the youth served by clubs from members whose behavior involves moral turpitude or whose behavior with minors has previously been found to be illegal.

Read the amendments and resolution in full (English).


A proposed administrative resolution to continue new forms of Kiwanis membership was approved. A memorial resolution was approved to pay tribute to past Kiwanis International President Ted R. Osborn, who passed away this year.

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