Warning! Student drivers

Jan 25, 2014
An accident simulation demonstrates the dangers of inattentive driving.

When Nora Grace David got her license, she thought she was ready for the open road. But when her dad signed her up for the Macon, Georgia, Kiwanis Club's Teen Driving Road-eo, she realized how much she still needed to learn.

“So I went and it was so much fun,” David says. “I learned so much from it.”
Here are just a few of the things she discovered:
  • What truckers can see—and can’t—in their mirrors.
  • How police rescue people trapped in vehicles.
  • How to properly parallel park.
“I think the Road-eo made me a better and safer driver,” she says, “because now I’m aware of what can happen.”

For the past four years, the Kiwanis Club of Macon has staged the Road-eo. Watch for the next issue of Kiwanis magazine for more about this life-saving project.

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