Crane trading

Feb 02, 2014

Setsuko Sato and a paper crane
Photo by Nobuaki Tanaka

One of the most iconic symbols of Japanese culture is the origami crane. So, as Kiwanis International travels to Asia for its 2014 Tokyo-Chiba convention, you’re invited to discover this ancient art and meet Kiwanians from around the world.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Learn about paper folding. The March issue of Kiwanis magazine introduces you to Setsuko Sato, an origami teacher and member of the Sendai, Japan, Kiwanis club.

Step 2: Make a flock of cranes. The March magazine also produced printed instructions to help you fold Japan's traditional paper cranes. Download the instructions, or watch the video to learn how to make an origami crane. Fold 10, 20 or as many as you can carry to the 2014 Kiwanis International convention.

Take our origami crane challenge and see how many paper cranes you can trade at the Kiwanis International convention in Japan this July 2014.

Step 3: Trade your cranes. It is well-known that Kiwanis International conventions are great places to meet new friends from around the world. As a way to introduce yourself, present your cranes to the fellow Kiwanians you meet, or trade them with other Kiwanis orgamists.

Step 4: Share the moment. Take a photo of you with your new friend, posing with your paper birds and post the image to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And don't forget to use the #kiwanis hashtag.

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