Honor thy mother

Mar 24, 2014

Cards, flowers and candy are just not enough to express the love we have for our mothers. The Kiwanis Club of Waverley, Australia, however, has found a way to appropriately honor motherhood.

On the Kiwanis International level, The Eliminate Project gives donors the opportunity to honor their mothers—or any inspiring women—with a US$1,250 Mothers Day Zeller gift. The Waverley club set up a similar program at the local level. In 2012, the club launched its Mother’s Day Project website and invited the public to make Mother’s Day truly meaningful by contributing to The Eliminate Project, thereby saving and protecting mothers and their babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

The website allows donors to make a contribution in the name of one’s mother or another inspiring woman. The system emails the honoree a certificate and a letter, by which the recipient is told how many mothers and their future children have been protected by the gift made in their name.

“We gained TV publicity through the UNICEF Australia ambassador for MNT, and this led many of the public to donate either directly to UNICEF Australia or through the website,” says Steve Hughes, chairman of the district’s Eliminate campaign committee.

“In the first year, we raised approximately AUD$15,000 and last year raised approximately $6,000.”

The project has spread across the district, and a similar website is collecting donations for Father’s Day, birthdays and events.

“We’re hoping for a larger promotion by (Australia District) clubs this year and, as a result, more donations to, say, $50,000,” Hughes says.
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