Putting on a show of service

Mar 26, 2014

A Bayou Middle School Builders Club skit promotes a coat collection drive.

Bayou View Middle School Builders Club members wanted to clothe needy people in warm coats for the coming cold winter months. So they took their cause to the stage. What a performance it was!

To fill barrels with donated clothing for the Salvation Army, the Gulfport, Mississippi, Builders Club members branded their project with the title “Warming the Coast” coat drive and produced an event-filled day of skits and fashion.
“We collected coats in the school for three weeks prior to the event day,” said Amanda Bruhl, the Builders Club faculty advisor.
To reach a broader audience, members took their project on the road to a mall in nearby Biloxi, Mississippi. With two performances, the students staged a fashion show of coats and performed eight skits that demonstrated how audience members could help in their community.

One skits, “What Does the Box Say,” starred Kaitlyn Monroe, dancing in a donation box to the YouTube sensation, “What Does the Fox Say?” Her co-stars entered the stage as animals, acting out the lyrics. Every time they reached the chorus, Kaitlyn popped out of the box and shouted, “What does the box say?” And every time the box opened, the lid flashed the words “Coat, Coat, Coat” to the audience of shoppers. At the end of the skit, the Builders Club performers shouted their act’s primary message, “Donate a coat today.”

“It makes me feel good that I’m doing something good for the community,” says Builders Club member Aubrey Weems. “I’m going to help homeless people. One coat can change someone’s whole life. We’re trying to help and make our state, and our country, a better place.”

Builders Club Advisor Bruhl adds, “It really wasn’t about the coat drive. It was about the kids knowing and educating everybody else that there’s other ways to get involved in the community, and they wanted to get the message out there. The whole idea behind our show was that they were able to get a message out with every skit.” — Tamara Stevens

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