Growing awareness in Guadeloupe

Apr 07, 2014

Children have fun splashing and playing during Disability Day activities.

For three days this past November, the lush, flower-filled Valombreuse Park in Petit-Bourg, Guadeloupe became the center of visibility for Caribbean children living with disabilities.

Thanks to a collaboration between the Kiwanis Club of Fougères, Guadeloupe, and Association Prévoyance Créole (Creole Pension Fund), families were treated to a weekend filled with games, shows and activities for children with physical, psychological and motor disabilities, and educational events and workshops for their parents.

The “disability days” were created to raise awareness about "children and their disabilities" and improve the well-being of families dealing with disabilities. The event provided parents, health professionals, and childhood professionals with an opportunity to meet and interact, and also gathered funds and equipment for those in need.  — Kimiko Martinez

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