Sewing seeds of kindness

May 02, 2014
Mitcham Kiwanis members sew and knit dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts and shirts for children in developing nations.

The Kiwanis Club of Mitcham, Australia’s pattern for helping children extends far beyond the borders of its town in the Land Down Under. In a project tailor-made for its sense of altruism, the club sews clothing for children from families in need in developing countries.

“Our members actually make the clothing, which is suitable for children of all ages,” notes club Secretary John Lundy. “The hardest thing of all is getting the size right, but this has come with experience. The clothing we make includes dresses, skirts and blouses for girls, and shorts and shirts for boys. Material for the clothing comes from off-cuts and ends of rolls from shops selling fabric.

“The effort of our club members is just a small part of a significant operation helping people and children in need in the Third World. We are pleased to be able to participate and know that our effort helps.”

The club packages the clothing and sends it to Mission World Aid, a nondenominational, nonprofit charity organization. Based in Adelaide, Australia, Mission World Aid includes the clothing in a much larger shipment that could contain school books, beds, agricultural supplies, computers and other goods.

The club got the notion for undertaking the project about four years ago, at the urging of a member who had seen a presentation by Mission World Aid and the work it does in developing countries.

“The club believed that (sewing) clothing for children in Third World countries was very worthy and beneficial to those less fortunate than ourselves,” Lundy explains. “Our club benefits in many ways from taking part in this project, but perhaps part one of the Objects of Kiwanis expresses this best: ‘To render altruistic service and build better communities.’

“In our small way, we are doing our best for some of the underprivileged children of the world.” — Dick Isenhour

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