Survey sparks new club satellite

May 16, 2014

Iron Mountain-Kingsford's club satellite gathers for pizza once a month.

A membership survey confirmed what the leaders of the Kiwanis Club of Iron Mountain-Kingsford, Michigan, already suspected: Membership was down significantly in part because regular weekly meetings just didn’t fit today’s busy schedules.

One solution was to start a club satellite.

“My business takes me out of town,” explains satellite member and Iron Mountain Mayor Bruce Rosen, whose wife, Jackie, is also a satellite member. “I can’t make it to the regular lunch meetings.”

But once a month for pizza at 5:30 p.m.?

“That fits our schedules better,” says Rosen.

The satellite has about 12 members, and about five are from the traditional club, notes club President Cindy Novak, who compares the group to a special committee.

“Our satellite members participate in all of the activities we do as a club,” Novak says. “They chair some activities for the entire club, such as our annual spring clean-up at a veterans’ site, the club’s Christmas party and our summer picnic.

“Our Key Club and Aktion Club also participate in Kiwanis activities and sometimes attend club satellite meetings.” — Story by Scott Pemberton

Read more about the Iron Mountain-Kingsford Kiwanis club's membership efforts in the June/July 2014 issue of Kiwanis magazine.

The Iron Mountain-Kingsford Kiwanis Club meets in a more traditional setting: a country club.

Members whose schedule won't permit attending Iron Mountain's traditional meeting (above) gather monthly for pizza, fellowship and business (top). They're often joined there by members of the club's sponsored Aktion Club.| photos by David Hakamaki
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