A poem of thanks

May 19, 2014
Cristian Dragusin had so much fun at a Kiwanis-supported camp that he composed a thank-you poem.

Swimming, playing games, making crafts and even learning blood injections inspired Cristian Dragusin to compose a poem of thanks to Camp Ray of Hope, a Romanian program supported by Kiwanis clubs in Romania, North Carolina, France and the Kiwanis International Foundation.

We got on the bus all big and small
All in the holiday spirit as I recall
At camp we arrived 
Of food we were not deprived
Fun, good times we had

Even if we bled
We were given factor
And right away
We started again

Splashing in the pool
Oh, it was so cool
Playing lots of games
With all kind of funny names

Even when it rained
We were not pained
For the plans were changed
Or simply rearranged

We went to the lake
Not just for the cake
We had sandwiches and drinks
And played on the grass like kings

Some played card games and won
The joy was never gone
A magician came to camp
Oh, what a champ

He brought a bunny
He was funny
We all dressed as clowns
In vivid colors not just browns

We made friends
From nearby and other regions and lands
We all had fun
And hope for a rerun

Next year for sure
As there is no cure
For hemophilia, just factor
Which we get for free as a coagulator

We were closely supervised
When we played or exercised
By caregivers who were loving 
Always attentive and hugging

And now as I finish my poem modest and small
I would like to thank those who gave it all

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