Fishing for friends

Jun 19, 2014
Frying fish, Nils Allemann, Samuel Marschall and Marcel Lation help the Bern-Aare Kiwanis Club raise US$5,000 for The Eliminate Project at the International Buskers Street Music Festival.

A gathering of musicians, artists, performers and their fans always seems to make friends of everyone. So when volunteers from the Bern-Aare, Switzerland, Kiwanis Club add the aroma of freshly fried fischknusperli— fish nuggets— to the International Buskers Street Music Festival, they make friends too.

“Every year, we celebrate the Buskers Festival in Bern," says member Theo Riesen. "Thousands of people come to our capital city. It's an excellent opportunity to present Kiwanis and collect money for The Eliminate Project."

While making new friends and strengthening old friendships, more than 30 members of the Bern-Aare Club collected US$5,000 to save and protect mothers and babies. — Cindy Dashnaw

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