Helping people step out of homelessness

Jun 19, 2014
St. Paul, Minnesota’s Kiwanis family logged 564 hours of furniture building. They spent the morning opening cartons, sorting pieces, reading instructions, holding parts, turning screws, nailing back panels, and putting drawers in slots.

For the past three years, members of the St. Paul, Minnesota, Kiwanis family have built a little dignity into the lives of neighbors.

This past year, 141 representatives of one Circle K club, nine Key Clubs, 13 Kiwanis clubs, plus family and friends assembled 89 dressers for first-time home owners and renters. The clubs work with Bridging, a nonprofit organization serving the greater Twin Cities by providing quality furniture and household goods to those transitioning out of homelessness and poverty.

Kathleen Welle, member of the Kiwanis Club of Columbia Heights-Fridley, Minnesota, put out the call for donations to purchase the dresser kits as well as to help put them together.

The dressers serve a larger purpose than just storage.

“Along with various other furniture and household goods, we are always in need of dressers at Bridging,” says Sara Sternberger, Bridging’s executive director. “Dressers provide a sense of dignity because items that were once stored on the floor can actually be moved up off the floor and stored in drawers.” — Cathy Usher
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