Up and up again

Aug 20, 2014
A Kiwanis-hosted Up with People appearance in Billings, Montana, was such a hit, community members formed an 'Up with Billings' Kiwanis satellite.

An Up with People appearance in Billings, Montana, was so successful that the host—the Billings Kiwanis Club—is planning another visit in 2016.

With an influx of new members, greater recognition for the club and a slew of volunteer hours for projects throughout the city, Kiwanians add that they learned a lot too from the initial Up with People event. Here’s their advice for other Kiwanis clubs looking to work with the Kiwanis International promotional partner.

1. Start early. Get your membership involved in hosting and focused on what the community needs so they’ll be ready when Up with People arrives.

2. Get every member involved. “That’s the mistake I made the first time,” Hans Abbey says. “I should have gotten more members involved and I didn’t. Make sure everyone’s a host family, make sure they’re at the different community service projects you do.”

3. Just do it. “You’re probably not going to find a greater group of young people who will come in and give you a shot in the arm,” says Kiwanian Penny Ronning. “Up with People is so organized and they know what they’re doing when they come into the community. Our club really wanted to be known for service projects and meeting community needs. It’is exactly what Up with People did for us.”

Learn more about the Billings Kiwanis Club’s Up with People project in the September 2014 issue of Kiwanis magazine.
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