A healthy hundred

Aug 11, 2015
A martial arts group shows how physical activities can be fun and healthful during a performance at the annual February Fitness Fair in Lombard, Illinois.

In some cultures, people eat cake to celebrate birthdays. In Illinois, the Kiwanis Club of Lombard chose a healthy alternative for Kiwanis’ 100th anniversary. The club sponsored the founding of the Healthy Lombard Foundation to address the problem of childhood obesity and to promote healthy living.

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With more than 40 partners (including schools, businesses, government agencies and other groups), the program promotes awareness of the obesity problem, activities and achievements. A website, healthylombard.com, announces healthful events, and a cable TV video magazine shares advice from medical professionals and children.

To promote active lifestyles, Get Yourself Moving bags are distributed to schoolchildren, encouraging 60 minutes of fitness every day, including weekends. An annual fitness fair keeps Kiwanis members busy. While groups demonstrate yoga, hula-hoop, martial arts and other physical activities, members coordinate the show, operate the sound system and conduct a drawing. Glenbard East High School Key Club members set up and break down exhibitors’ tables.

In honor of Kiwanis’ 100th anniversary, the community’s 2015 Health Hero awards were sponsored by the Kiwanis club and presented by President Stephanie Schiszik to children, adults and businesses.

“What better way to celebrate Kiwanis’ 100th anniversary than to teach children how to make the healthy choice the easy choice?” President Schiszik says. “This way, they can have a long and productive future and share these habits, when they become parents, with their children and—hopefully—for the next 100 years.”
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