Puppet pals

Mar 01, 2013


For residents of Christchurch, New Zealand, the memories of a February 2011 earthquake remain vivid and frightening. Takapuna, New Zealand, Kiwanian Patsy Hill wanted to remind the children of the South Island community that they are not forgotten; so, she came up with the idea of making tiny teddy bear finger puppets

Hill sent the pattern and instructions to Kiwanis magazine to be shared with Kiwanis clubs around the world that are looking for an idea that would comfort children in difficult circumstances.

Tiny teddy finger puppets:

The puppet is made from colored felt, and is an overall length of 10.5 cm (4.134 inches) and across—from hand to hand—of 6 cm (2.362 inches). 

Cut out two teddy shapes. Create a puppet by sewing these pieces together, around from the outside of one foot up the side of the puppet, then around the head and down the other side. Do not sew along the base of the feet or between the legs.

Eyes and mouth should be embroidered or marked with permanent pens. Sewing on beads or sequins is not advised, as many young children will be inclined to put the puppets in their mouth. Clothes in the form of a dress or a shirt and shorts or skirt may be sewn onto the puppet’s back and front.

Distribute these to preschools, hospitals or other locations in need.

Bear Puppet Pattern