Kiwanis International 100th Anniversary - 1915-2015


Kiwanis International turns 100 in 2015. Are you ready to celebrate? Need a little guidance? Then check out this easy game plan:

  1. Form a task force. Determine which and how many members your club needs to plan its 100th anniversary events.
  2. Set growth, service and/or fundraising goals for your club. 100 members by 2015? Percentage of growth for the centennial? Fundraising in multiples of 10 for The Eliminate Project? Serving 100 children? The list is endless. Make sure it has an impact on your community and Kiwanis as a whole! 
  3. Brainstorm celebration ideas. Involve members. Decide when your club will celebrate. Consult this helpful list for additional ideas.
  4. Contact the press. Make sure the local media knows about your 100th anniversary achievements. Not sure how to start? Check out our earned media resources. Inform Kiwanis International as well, by emailing 2015@kiwanis.org.
  5. Participate in events throughout the year. Including the Detroit January 23–24 celebration and the 100th Annual Kiwanis International Convention in Indianapolis, June 25–28, 2015. The 2015 convention will be one of the high points of our celebration.

The 25th anniversary cake during the Detroit, Michigan, celebration.