Kiwanis International 100th Anniversary - 1915-2015


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  • PPT: Active children panel.ppt - Keeping kids involved in productive activities is a positive influence on the entire community. How do students engage in your community? Understand from representatives of both Boy Scouts of America and Boys & Girls Clubs of America how your club can support this effort.
  • PPT: Community Connections.ppt - From membership growth to support for projects near and far, learn how your club can partner with JCI and Sister Cities, two of the newest organizations to join the Kiwanis partnership portfolio.
  • PPT: Healthy children panel.ppt - Revisit a discussion between representatives of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Riley Hospital for Children and March of Dimes, including trends affecting our children and what Kiwanis can do to support healthy children in our communities.
  • PPT: Hope in action.ppt - Find out how the Kiwanis family is changing the world through The Eliminate Project Campaign, with details from an expert in the field and Kiwanis members who have seen the impact that Kiwanis has had toward eliminating MNT.
  • PPT: Partnering to increase your service impact—cause marketing partnerships.ppt - What is cause marketing? These partnerships are used to leverage the voice and actions of citizens to support a cause. See a case study on how clubs in the CNH district support their local children's hospital through National Pancake Day.
  • PPT: Partnering to increase your service impact.ppt - In theory, it's obvious: when you have more people, money, publicity and goods, your project or fundraiser has a better chance of success. But how do you do it? Learn from a club that partnered with an organization and experienced great success!
  • PPT: Signature projects—Education support.ppt - From school supplies to school uniforms, from reading mentors to dictionary distribution, Kiwanis clubs are ensuring students around the globe have what it takes to be successful scholars. Learn from club members how to support your community's education needs.
  • PPT: Signature projects—Literacy.ppt - Learn how to create a Kiwanis Reading Oasis to provide a "base camp" for reading mentor activity.
  • PPT: Signature projects—Parks and playgrounds.ppt - From clean-up days to construction projects, Kiwanis clubs provide safe places for all children to play. Hear from clubs known for the role they play in bringing parks and inclusive playgrounds to their communities.
  • PPT: Signature projects—Resources.ppt - Learn best practices for improving the overall impact of signature projects—including an online volunteer management tool, ways to engage community partners and information about a new partnership with Dollar Days that may reduce expenses.
Inspiration—The Formula


  • PPT: Budget for impact.ppt - The quickest way to affect what your club does in the community is to decide what projects will be funded. Learn to navigate the conversation so that your budget aligns with your club's goals.
  • PPT: Club and district foundation compliance.ppt - Compliance with the highest standards and latest regulations are crucial. Learn about what compliance means for U.S. foundations, how it could apply in other nations ... and how the Kiwanis International Foundation can help.
  • PPT: Club financial management best practices.ppt - Club finances are not just the treasurer's responsibility. Learn the right things to keep your eye on ... and the best practices for managing club finances.
  • PPT: Endless possibilities through transformed hearts and minds.ppt - Learn how The Eliminate Project Campaign has positioned Kiwanis clubs around the world for financial success. Learn how your club can utilize the same strategies to achieve your fundraising goals, strengthen membership and enhance community service.
  • PPT: Our Kiwanis Foundation.ppt - What is the Kiwanis International Foundation—and why does my gift matter? How can my club apply for a grant? How is our foundation held accountable? Learn the answers to these questions and others with an overview of our organization's philanthropic arm.
  • PPT: What to do in Indy.ppt - Make the most of a future visit to Indianapolis. The city's tourism office, Visit Indy, will help you identify the must-see attractions to hit while you're in town.
Service Leadership Programs

  • PPT: 4 steps to starting a Service Leadership Program.ppt - Sponsoring a Service Leadership Program like Key Club, CKI or others is easy. Walk through the key steps for chartering an SLP club—and starting your support of other Kiwanis family members' journey of service.
  • PPT: 6 trends and need-to-knows about Generation Z.ppt - Who comes after the millennial generation? Generation Z—appearing soon in a Key Club near you. This is a generation born in the digital age. Learn how to relate to them (even without an Instagram account) and find out what makes them unique.
  • PPT: 7 habits of highly successful Key Clubs.ppt - What do high-performing Key Clubs do? A wide-ranging study of the Key Club experience has just been completed. Help your Key Club move from good to great with some simple and effective practices learned from the program's best clubs.

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