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2014 videos from the Kiwanis International President

Continuing a life of service

Since 1924, it has been an Object of Kiwanis to render altruistic service and build better communities. For many Kiwanians, it is our lifelong mission. I am excited to announce it will be easier for many younger Kiwanians on that journey.

In April, the Kiwanis International Board granted associate Kiwanis membership to all members of Key Club International and Circle K International 18 years and older. This membership status allows younger Kiwanians to stay connected to our organization and participate in service opportunities and special events. We hope this will encourage them to continue a life of service with Kiwanis.

This decision works in tandem with The Formula as we strengthen Kiwanis for the next century of serving the children of the world. These younger Kiwanians already have a heart for service. It is only natural they continue to improve the world in the Kiwanis name. With their help, it is my hope that every community around the world knows the good work of Kiwanis.

Through service we become more tolerant of our differences and more grateful for the people in our lives. Our sense of gratitude drives us to understand others and to see the good in everyone. Instead of trying to change others, we recognize that everyone and everything has something to teach us. Let continue making Kiwanis stronger.

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Gunter Gasser
2013-14 President
Kiwanis International