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Kiwanians already improve the lives of an untold number of people, but there are still too many children who are sick, who are hungry and who need educational opportunities.

I want to live in a world where children don’t have to worry about tomorrow. I want my children to live in a world where parents don’t worry about their child’s health. I want my future grandchildren to live in a world that knows the good work of Kiwanis in every community.

To make this dream happen, we must strengthen Kiwanis membership in existing clubs and expand Kiwanis’ reach to communities that do not yet have the benefit of a Kiwanis club.

Why did you join Kiwanis? Why are you still a Kiwanian today? Your answers are unique to you. Think about what could happen if we all shared our Kiwanis stories and inspired others to become a part of our movement to improve the world. Our impact would know no bounds.

The Formula is your opportunity to shape the future of your club. Share with others what you love about Kiwanis and make it stronger. Make it better.

I see a future where all children have access to bright and limitless opportunities. Let’s use The Formula to make it happen. Share your Kiwanis story with your friends and neighbors. And, live it out every day.

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Gunter Gasser
2013-14 President
Kiwanis International