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Get ready for a new experience

Sep 03, 2013

The member resources website is undergoing a major renovation right now. The target launch is early October. Here’s a quick list of what is changing:

Changes to the way it looks

  • The member login button is more prominent at the very top (right) and is orange to stand out, just like it is on
  • The Club Management tab is gone. All reporting and club management will be accessed through the single orange member login button.
  • Existing content was reviewed and migrated into the new site as is, although you may notice some new titles for the categories and new categories grouped together.
  • Support and Forms & Downloads will be under Resources, with the full downloads library. There is also a new Help Center button.
  • Club Leader Tools is shortened to Lead.
  • Service & Fundraising is shortened to Serve.
  • Marketing & PR will become Promote your club.
  • Youth & Students will become Youth, students & special programs. Adults with Disabilities (Aktion Club) is grouped into that category.
  • Partnerships moves under About us.
  • New top-level categories include Learn and Events.

Changes to the way it functions

  • The look and feel and navigation will mimic the new and all our SLP sites. The public and member resource sites will remain separate, but going from one to another will be seamless in design.
  • With the new hover and expand navigation, you will be able to browse 90% of all content within a category right from the home page.
  • Search is integrated with so that no matter which website you’re on, you will find the resources you need.
  • The site will begin to have some pages translated in our official languages just like we do in This will be an ongoing project.

Brand new or major improvements

  • Key Kiwanis-family websites will always be accessible across the top perennial nav bar, such as the Kiwanis Store, The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis International Foundation, Alumni and convention sites.
  • Some outdated material was removed or replaced. This will be ongoing.
  • The file library has also been renovated and is powered by Google. Keyword search remains the best method for finding what you need.
  • You will be able to see what new content has recently been added to the site and which content is most popular via the Popular & Recent | Top 10 list button on the home page. Intially, this will be updated manually once a month and eventually be automated.
  • Clicking the KiwanisOne logo will always bring you back to the home page.
  • Web pages have an easy print option on every page.
  • You can ‘voice’ approval of a page or resources via Facebook like button on each page.

Improvements to the site were done in response to member feedback. Above all, your easy access to resources was top priority. Please send any questions to and watch for more updates here over the coming weeks.