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Member feedback driving many changes to

Oct 07, 2013

Work continues on the member resources website overhaul. Some of the most exciting changes came from members themselves. Here’s a quick list of what to look for:

  • New file library for downloads (under Resources instead of Forms & Downloads or Kiwanis Community) will feature similar folder structure as before, but emphasizes search for quickest delivery. Sort options include the date the file was last modified. File size is listed as well as how many times the file has been viewed (popularity). To see the file’s description, hover over the filename.
  • New logos display and access page (under Resources and Promote your club) will group key logos and graphics together by club, program or event. All the file formats will be available in each color combination, per logo—such as color, black, white, etc. For those needing help to understand which logo they need, a little bit of logo education is included to assist and ensure clubs download and use the correct version. This will be a work in progress during the launch month.
  • New on-page options give users a way to easily print a web page, email a page to a friend, give a thumbs-up vote on a page you like to Facebook, and share a page on social media.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to launch.