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New reporting system is now open for business

Oct 31, 2013
Along with the Monthly Report (starting with October 2013), other tools in the reporting system have been improved and are ready for you to kick the tires. To access, login at You will be redirected to the new system with a friendly message. If needed, reset your password for this new version. This should only be a one-time adjustment for the new system.

Every member now has access to an editable member profile via the Me icon in the new menu. Members can now upload a photo and update their own records. Changes are reflected in the Kiwanis International database.

A club secretary will see the new Secretary Dashboard. They can utilize their new dashboard to: 
  • view membership rankings of their club within their district
  • display recent club elections and edit club officers and committee chairs
  • update the club’s public website for the club locator
  • add multiple club meeting dates
  • add SLP advisors
  • confirm Youth Protection Guidelines training for their club
  • confirm background checks for each SLP advisor
  • download popular PDFs
  • send messages to Member Services or the District office.
A club secretary can also begin using the new Member Admin tool to view their list of members by type: active, corporate, honorary, satellite and former. Another new addition that is likely to be a hit within Member Admin is the Printable Directory option. Directory listings can be customized with fields like date joined and photo.

A brand new addition to the secretary dashboard is the Finances tab. This screen displays unpaid invoices for your club. Select the invoices you want to print and a PDF is generated showing itemized expenses and instructions on how to send in payment to Kiwanis International.

Not new, but also displayed in the new left side menu — club bylaws and education (club leadership education modules).