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Reminder: Monthly Reports are all-new format and due on the 10th of each month

Dec 06, 2013
The brand new KiwanisOne reporting tools, starting with the October 2013-14 Monthly Report, opened October 31. All users are required to create a new login. If you have already logged in to access the new online CLE, the new Membership Update Center or the online Bylaws tool, then you have the password you need.

To access the new monthly report, follow the steps below:

Log in to the new system at
Click the Secretary Dashboard icon in the navigation on the left.
Click on Monthly Reports in the menu at the top of the page.
Click the pencil icon in the Part 1 column for the October monthly report.  

For additional help, go to for tutorial videos that walk you through the new screens.

The 2012-13 Annual Club Report goes live November 1 and because it compiles data from the previous fiscal year’s reports, it does not change. There will be a new Annual Club Report in November 2014 to match the new Monthly Reports this year. Annual Club Reports are due November 30.