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No waiting: 'This is Our Moment' to end MNT

Jan 13, 2014
Mother and child in Laos - The Eliminate ProjectThis is it. THIS is our chance to change the world. Let’s raise US$110 million by 2015—and help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth. 

Kiwanis needs you, each and every club and club member, to join in now. The sooner you 
donate, the sooner tetanus vaccines can be administered and the more women and babies saved.
With 2015 fast approaching, this video from The Eliminate Project provides the inspiration every Kiwanis-family member needs. And it offers a timely reminder: This is our moment.

Check out the video on The Eliminate Project’s YouTube channel. And download it to show fellow members. After all, this is the moment when we make it all happen. Let’s reach our fundraising goal. Let’s save and protect the lives of women and their future babies. Let’s change the world.