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Help CKI efforts to "Show Your Love, Save a Life"

Jan 31, 2014
Help CKI efforts to 'Show Your Love, Save a Life'Valentine's Day is coming! What better time to save lives and show your love for others? Circle K International will help by pairing Valentine’s Day with The Eliminate Project. Through Show Your Love, Save a Life, CKI plans to protect more than 15,000 mothers and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus. 

On campuses across the globe, college students are using the Show Your Love, Save a Life Fundraising Guide to plan Valentine’s Day-focused fundraisers—from speed dating events to candy grams to dinners—all benefiting The Eliminate Project.

Show your love this Valentine’s Day by supporting their efforts. Contact your local CKI club, offer your time or make a donation. Don’t miss this chance to express your love for life—and CKI—and help eliminate MNT at the same time.