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Seasonal selections in store

Mar 03, 2014
If you can’t wait for Kiwanis summer activities—or you’re still shivering in the current cold—the Kiwanis Store can outfit you for any season, Kiwanis-style.

Get ready for your club’s summer cookouts, parades and car washes with an indispensable classic T-shirt in blue or gray featuring the Kiwanis logo or a ladies red V-neck T-shirt with the Kiwanis logo and name embroidered in red on ComfortSoft® cotton. You'll want one in every color.

As a cover for the cold, curl up on the couch under the deluxe lambs’ wool throw in Kiwanis blue and white, embroidered with the Kiwanis name. It makes a cozy speaker or thank-you gift. Find these and other hot-cool new items at the Kiwanis Store.