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Plan playground for 100th anniversary

Apr 25, 2014
Think about how many people … or businesses … or even buildings you know that are 100 years old. It takes something special to stay relevant for a century. People in 1915 would barely recognize how we live our lives today. But then, as now, as in 100 years in the future, children will play. And they’ll still need safe places to do it.
Landscape Structures, a Kiwanis Vision Partner, is ready to help your club mark Kiwanis’ 100th anniversary with a highly visible project that has extended appeal: building or enhancing a community playground that’s accessible to everyone. Landscape Structures has created three personalized designs that showcase our 100th anniversary. There are options for clubs with any size of budget.
Building a playground—besides benefiting children and families, of course—can show club pride, engage members, attract new members and spread the word about your Kiwanis club’s impact on your community. But it requires planning. Start now with Landscape Structures’ playground planning guide, discuss the idea with your club and contact your local LSI playground consultant to begin.