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May is membership month!

May 01, 2014
It's time to share your love for Kiwanis. May is membership month! How will your club celebrate?
The large-scale, and often partnership-oriented projects that many clubs conduct on Kiwanis One Day lend themselves well to raising awareness about their impact on the community. But don't let go of the connections you make after the event is over. Follow up and invite community members who participated in your Kiwanis One Day event to remain involved. Organize a membership drive where they can learn about your club. Membership drives are special meetings designed to teach guests about your club’s impact and invite them to join.
Use our step-by-step guide to help you put together your team and organize the event. We’ve got brochures, prospect lists and tips for sharing your Kiwanis story succinctly too. If you need to develop a brochure to summarize your club’s impact, we can help with that, too. Once you tell everyone about your club’s impact on your community...who wouldn’t want to join?

Gear up for membership month
Share your Kiwanis pride—and get ready for all of those new members coming in May—with two new items from the Kiwanis Store.
Boosting awareness of Kiwanis’ many membership benefits is the first step to a successful May Membership Month. Get the word out on your car, on your club’s meeting space, anywhere you want others to know about Kiwanis with the 4-inch Kiwanis seal decal. It’s repositionable, with ultra-removable adhesive, and features Kiwanis blue and gold. Tuck one into each blue 32-ounce Kiwanis stadium cup that you use as a new member or “best recruiter” gift. It features a tapered bottom design to fit auto cup holders.
Find these and other ways to spread the news about Kiwanis in the Kiwanis Store.