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Spread Kiwanis' impact to a new community

Jun 16, 2014
The Formula membership initiativeMany Kiwanians find that sharing the Kiwanis experience can be their greatest service reward. That’s The Formula at work: sharing something you love so others can love it, too. You’re leaving a legacy of service when you open a new club. But don’t take our word for it: see why some seasoned club openers enjoy the process.
New clubs need encouragement and guidance—and that requires access to experienced, effective leaders. That’s the role of a new club opening team. Team members and the sponsoring club can gain insights, skills and energy they can channel into improving their own club experience.
Learn more about The Formula and bringing Kiwanis to new communities at If you’re interested in leaving your own Kiwanis legacy, email us at to ask about potential new club sites near you.