Membership dues

Members of local Kiwanis Clubs pay annual membership dues to their club. The dues paid by the member generally go to support Kiwanis International, the Kiwanis district, and the Kiwanis club.

The total amount a member pays in dues entirely depends on his or her club and district. When the dues adjustment comes into effect October 1, 2015, Kiwanis International member dues will be set at US$52 per year for Tier A; US$34 for Tier B and US$23 for Tier C clubs. Kiwanis International dues do not include US$8 for Kiwanis magazine and US$17 for liability and D&O insurance for clubs in the US and Canada.

Some tier statuses will change effective October 1, 2015. Download a grid to see your Kiwanis nation's tier status.

In addition, each district sets district dues according to its budgetary needs, as does each club. Some clubs, for example, may set higher dues to account for meals provided during meetings or to cover meeting rental space, while others may set lower dues and leave meals up to the individual member. 

View the 2014-15 budget to see how Kiwanis International invests your dues.

Get details about the 2015 dues increase.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Member Services at +1-317-875-8755 (worldwide) or 800-KIWANIS (800-549-2647, US and Canada), ext. 411, or email at if you have questions.