Youth Protection Week

Nothing is more important than the safety of those we serve. That’s why Kiwanis is committed to protecting children—and your club members. In fact, that’s what Youth Protection Week is all about. From September 13–19, 2015, Kiwanis clubs around the world will focus on member education, important safeguards and more.

Get informed. Get inspired. Get ready by taking a look at the details below!

Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines
Kiwanis youth protection guidelines are reviewed each year by the Kiwanis International Board. As a result, the guidelines are revised periodically to ensure Kiwanians adhere to the best practices of youth protection. Each member of your Kiwanis club should be provided with a copy—every year. Youth Protection Week is the best time to share this important document.

Train members on youth protection at that week’s Kiwanis club meeting. After completing the training, you and your club members should be able to:

  • Understand the youth protection guidelines. 
  • Protect the youth you serve—and yourselves. 
  • Identify troubling behavior or abuse. 
  • Respond appropriately if a child discloses abuse to you or if you witness troubling behavior.

You have a couple of options for training:

Once the training is completed for the Kiwanis year, the Kiwanis secretary should indicate this on the Kiwanis One dashboard.

Criminal history background checks
In addition to annual education regarding the Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines, each Kiwanis-club advisor to each Service Leadership Program your club sponsors (K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K and/or Aktion Club) must have a clear criminal history background check.

Your Kiwanis club’s leadership determines eligibility requirements, as well as the provider of the background check. An easy option is to use Safe Hiring Solutions, the preferred provider for Kiwanis International. Once a clear background check is provided to the the Kiwanis club secretary, he or she will indicate this on the KiwanisOne dashboard.

Thanks for participating!
Your club’s efforts during Youth Protection Week are important to the commitment that all Kiwanians must share. Thank you for strengthening the Kiwanis family’s continuing status as a leader in building the next generation of service.