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Camping with the 'K'

June/July 2014
Kiwanis magazine cover June July 2014 - Camping with the 'K'

A child from the city picks up his first pine cone. A 12-year-old shoots an arrow from her wheelchair; it bounces once and sinks into the outside ring of her target. In unified acts of defiance against their cancers, a canoe crew of new friends flights baseball caps onto the shore, revealing three bald 

Camp—the enduring sweet memory of childhood—has long been a signature project of Kiwanis clubs worldwide. But enough talk about it. Let's go to camp.

Visit four Kiwanis camps—in Alberta, New York, Romania and Washington—in your June/July 2014 Kiwanis magazine.

Kiwanis magazine app bonus materialAn animated interview with Past Kiwanis International President Wil Blechman will explain how research into brain development influenced the founding of Young Children: Priority One. You'll also read letters from campers to Kiwanis and meet three mothers who teamed with a Kiwanis club to bring an all-access playground to their Kansas community. Enjoy!