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Fear itself

January/February 2016
January/February 2016 Kiwanis MagazineChristopher Bader, professor of sociology at Chapman University in Orange, California, knows what makes us shudder. He’s one of the principal investigators on the Chapman University Survey of American Fears, an annual national poll about what frightens us. His front-row seat to terror has taught him just how misguided and illogical some of our deeply held dreads can be. You’d think that would inoculate him against his own unreasoning apprehensions.

Far from it.

Discover what terrifies even a fear scholar; read the January/February 2016 Kiwanis magazine. Also in this issue, you'll find:

  • A promise kept: As The Eliminate Project moves into a new phase of the campaign, Kiwanis puts MNT on the brink of elimination.
  • Happy birthday, Canada! Your preview of the 2016 Kiwanis convention.
  • Unexpected hope: Carmen Ulloa never imagined she'd ever walk, but with a little help from Kiwanians, her potential is limitless.

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