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The life of Riley

June/July 2015 

Cover of June/July 2015 Kiwanis magazine, showing a child's red wagon against a white backdrop.

The inception of the 12:34 dance party says a lot about the Curry family’s positivity and perseverance. In their darkest days, they always found the silver lining. They spent time together. They laughed together. They prayed together. And when the clock struck 12:34, they danced together.

Through it all, they were never alone. Nurses and doctors danced with them. People around the world prayed with and for them and followed along for updates on social media. And that spiritual backing and love could be felt all the way into Katie Grace Curry’s room at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was blessed beyond measure.

But she was also sick. Very, very sick..

Through the past 90 years, Kiwanis has witnessed many miracles that have saved lives at Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. The Currys' is one such story.

The June/July 2015 issue of Kiwanis magazine also includes:

  • Push Potential: In Cambodia, the message about MNT elimination is clear: It's working.
  • Finding Identity: Helping teens find their voice despite peer pressure and outside influences.
  • A Custom Fit: California Kiwanians raise funds so San Diegans with disabilities can stay active.

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