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Life in the clouds

August 2015 

Honduran girl looks through school window; cover of the August 2015 Kiwanis magazine

The clouds have lifted high above the peaks and valleys of Honduras’ Central American Cordillera, revealing a paradise of tropical  flowers, palm trees, pastures and cool, boulder-strewn streams. Evelyn Castellar steers her white Nissan truck through the curves of Highway 13. She glances toward the mountains, beyond the highway-hugging homes with tiled roofs and car ports, up to where clouds often cloak the beauty of nature and the ugliness of extreme poverty.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” she tells me, as I watch six children and three cows walk single-file along the highway’s shoulder. The boys, wearing uniforms and carrying books, are headed to school. I don’t know where the cows are going.

“It’s the most gorgeous place in the world, but it’s so full of sadness,” she continues. “People are dying up there.”

Read your August 2015 Kiwanis magazine and learn how Castellar, her Federal Way, Washington, Kiwanis Club and the Kiwanis International Foundation are improving lives and communities in the remote Honduran cloud forest.

The August issue of Kiwanis magazine also includes:

  • Photos and news from the 2015 Kiwanis, CKI, Aktion Club and Key Club conventions in Indianapolis, Indiana, this past June.
  • Thoughts from a rocket scientist, educator and a asteroseismologist on the future of careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • A story about a Nepali orphanage that preserves Tibetan culture while preparing students for life in the modern world.

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