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Natural leader

October 2014
John Button on the cover of the October 2014 Kiwanis magazine

Husband. Parent. Devoted son. Doctor. Canadian. Hiker, photographer, bird-watcher. Coroner. Co-chef in his kitchen. Devious trivia quiz master. Carver of wooden duck decoys. Reader. Tomato juice connoisseur who guiltily craves hamburgers and ketchup-smothered fries.

Ridgetown, Ontario, Kiwanian..

Meet 2014-15 Kiwanis International President John Button in the October 2014 Kiwanis magazine. You'll also meet a young Illinois girl and her family who are raising awareness about a rare disease.

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Amber Guth remembers what poverty is like and how it feels to get "new" shoes even if they're used. She also remembers those who helped her, so now she's "paying it back" through Kiwanis.