Kiwanis magazine archives

  December 2015 Kiwanis magazine cover
 Kiwanis Magazine, December 2015
  • Life in a food desert. For millions of people, dinner is whatever is cheapest and most accessible. Most likely, "junk food."
  • Land of plenty. Facing food insecurity, one Vermont family lives off the land.
  • To market, to market. With help from a German Kiwanis club, a Christmas market spreads seasonal cheer.
  • Planting a seed. A garden center's horticulture therapy program thrives, thanks in part to decades of behind-the-scenes help from Australian Kiwanians.
October/November 2015 Kiwanis magazine cover featuring President Sue Petrisin  Kiwanis Magazine, October/November 2015
  • Sue Petrisin leads Kiwanis into a new century as the organization's first female president.
  • TOMS Shoes Founder Blake Mycoskie discovers that one good idea can impact millions.
  • Visitors, beware! In this haunted Idaho laboratory, you just may learn a thing or two about science.
  • Kiwanis dolls: They're big. They're art. They're helping sick children.
 September 2015 Kiwanis magazine cover; A monk in Luang Prabang Province, Laos. Photo by Bert van der Kroft Kiwanis Magazine, September 2015
  • A Dutch cyclist rides through 20 countries to raise funds and awareness for Kiwanis.
  • A writer learns that to be a mentor, half the battle is just showing up.
  • To mark Kiwanis' centennial, clubs worldwide do what they do best. Service.
  • Florida fifth-graders learn STEM skills and have a blast. Literally.
A student looks through a grated window of a school located in the Honduran cloud forest.   Kiwanis Magazine, August 2015
  • Beauty and tragedy live side-by-side in these Hondruan highlands.
  • STEM: Are these the careers of the future. Learn what a rocket scientist, an educator and an asteroseismologist have to say.
  • The 2015 Kiwanis-family conventions celebrated history and the future.
June/July 2015 Kiwanis magazine cover   Kiwanis Magazine, June/July 2015
  • The life of Riley
  • Pushing potential
  • Finding identity
  • A custom fit
The April/May 2015 Kiwanis magazine cover features a saxophone player from the Kiwanis Circus Palace in the Germany District.   Kiwanis Magazine, April/May 2015
  • Signature circus
  • Making your mark
    with a signature project
  • Assessing the situation
  • Just your type of Kiwanis
  • Human capital 
The March 2015 Kiwanis magazine cover featuring children from Destiny Orphanage and School in Uganda.   Kiwanis Magazine, March 2015
  • Destiny's children
  • Rethinking voluntourism
  • Cultural divide
  • Party of the century 
The modern cover of the January/February 2015 Kiwanis magazine features covers from past decades.  Kiwanis Magazine, January/February 2015
  • 100 years of service
  • Pop quiz
  • I am a Kiwanian
  • Building a legacy
  • Back to our future
  • Pancakes!
  • Indy! City of surprises