Lieutenant Governor Webinar Series

Your fellow Kiwanians have elected you to one of the key leadership positions in your district. Your duties include ensuring participation in club leadership education, helping clubs boost their membership, building new clubs and increasing club members’ engagement and morale.

The effectiveness with which you dispatch your duties will go a long way toward maintaining the health and vitality of the clubs in your division and, by extension, Kiwanis.

Now that you have been through lieutenant governor training with your peers in your district, let’s take it to the next level with more detailed training on specific aspects of the lieutenant governor role. The program is designed to touch on the most important aspects of the job beginning months before you start through the first four months of your term. It is delivered through the webinar platform and is open to all lieutenant governors throughout the world. Please take a few moments and register for each one and maximize your knowledge!

Special invitation lieutenant governor webinars will be offered on Thursdays at 8 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

NOTE: To change the time zone to reflect your time zone, click on “Show time in my time zone” when you register.

Webinar schedule

Nov 14 at 8 pm WOW! Creating successful events
Learn how to plan successful, fun and purposeful Governor’s visits, Division Council Meetings and other events that keep everyone excited, engaged and coming back!
Jan 9 at 8 pm Pay it forward: Best recruiting practices
Form the team: done. Site survey: done. Connect with the community: done. It’s time to work with your team to recruit members for that new club in your division. Don’t miss this session where you’ll learn the best recruiting practices from prospecting to “closing the sale”.
Jan 23 at 8 pm Plant the seeds: Succession planning
Learn how to find your qualified and effective replacement. You can also coach club presidents toward developing their succession plans and creating a “leadership pipeline” for future leaders.

Special invitation lieutenant governor webinar series archives

View the recorded Webinars at any time. You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the presentation. Choose a category. Choose a topic. Click "replay now" to watch the topic of interest. If you are having trouble viewing a video, please download this file.

Legacy: What will yours be?
Replay now
Pay it forward: Best recruiting practices  Replay now 
WOW: Creating successful events Replay now
Success: Developing your growth team Replay now
Impact: Being an effective district board member Replay now
Clubs with a purpose: Why site surveys are key to growth Replay now
Standing room only: Division council meetings Replay now
Do's and don'ts: Officer installation Replay now
Come back: Effective club visits Replay now
Plant the seeds: Succession Planning Replay now