Getting started

Congratulations—your club has subscribed to the KiwanisOne Club Management System and will be operating and communicating more efficiently than ever before! To help you get started, here are some helpful first steps:

1 First: Log in
Your club is all set up and your member data has been uploaded to your account. Your password and login information has been emailed to you. You can change your initial entry password when you log in the first time.

To get started, go to and enter your email address with that password.
2 Read the User Guide
The documents in the new user folder will help you get started in the system. Begin with the CMS New User Guide and Checklist.
3 Watch the training videos
Check out the 21-minute comprehensive training video. It covers all aspects of the public club website administration and walks you through the basic steps to get your site up and running smooth.

Watch additional videos in our Tutorial YouTube Channel on topics such as Members Administration, Events Management, HTML Editor, PayPal Integration and more.
4 Set up your website
You now can build a great public website for your club using our templates and Web content editor. A temporary address for your public website has been setup and emailed to you. It looks something like this:http://<yourclubname>

If you don’t have record of or cannot find this email, inquire with

If you own your own website domain (named URL), you will need to point your name servers for the domain(s) you purchased over to your Club Management System website. Use and 

If you do not own your own domain, we recommend using, The annual domain cost through Hover is US$15. The process is quick, easy and free of confusing and high-pressure add-on services.

Note: You do NOT need to add any email services when purchasing a domain, as this is something we can set up for you at no additional cost if needed.
5 Give your members access
Your club members can set up their login information and member profiles by going to There is an article in our up and coming Knowledgebase that includes a video demo that will help you and your members get logged in for the first time.
6 Assign roles to your members
By default, your club members will have basic view-only access to KiwanisOne. This means they can update their personal information and view things like meetings, events, newsletters, etc. In many cases you may want to share some of your administrator rights with other club members. For example, if one of your members has past webmaster experience, you can give that person the right to edit the website. To do this, click on the Members tab, then Members Admin, and finally the Assign Roles link. Click the pencil icon next to a member's name to pick and choose what admin rights they should have.
7 Watch for new tutorial videos
Get how-tos, updates, and more on the Portalbuzz YouTube channel at
8 Bookmark online Web tools
Save this link—Club and district web tools—for help with club website best practices, an ideal club website example, ready-to-run content, logos and more.
9 Share ideas and submit suggestions
Use the Get Help/Share Ideas fast form.
10 Get help if you get stuck
Contact for any questions you have about setup, system features or your club website.

Welcome to the Portalbuzz club management system!