Website start-up comparisons

The chart below will help you compare the options for getting your club’s website created.

Club management
system subscription: 
Private vendor:  Do-it-yourself
Kiwanis templates:
Setup time
About 48 hours – Club Resource creates the site then you add custom content 1-3 weeks or more –  time consuming task  One week or more – very time consuming task 
Self-serve help center and email support Varies by vendor
Downloadable Webmaster guide on KiwanisOne
Ease of use –  content editing tools Easy to learn and use. Tool was built to suit how Kiwanis clubs operate; web-based – doesn’t require you to install software; 24/7 access from any computer with an Internet connection Varies by vendor – may not be well-suited to club needs; may require software installed on your computer
Somewhat challenging – requires your own HTML editor and the skills of a Webmaster with some experience
Secretary tools Yes - including member, committee, volunteer & meeting management, calendar, events, email, documents and newsletters
No No
Reporting Yes – including monthly, annual and club election reports plus integration with Kiwanis International No Yes – limited
Event management Yes – customized to how clubs typically manage events Varies; limited or not available No
Newsletter publishing Yes – integrates with member directory for quick distribution Varies; limited or not available No
Training Expanding collection of online tutorials, videos and FAQs
Varies by vendor No
Test drive new features Yes – an easy hands-on demo Varies; limited or not available No
Cost $150 – $400/year – sliding scale based on club size; see pricing details Development costs + hosting ($120+/year)
Templates = free + hosting costs ($120+/year)

Club management system subscription
The most efficient and rewarding way for a club to set up a website is through the Portalbuzz club management package offered by our partner, Club Resource Inc. To learn more, visit