Kiwanis brand & style guides

The Kiwanis brand reflects our organization’s traditions and its time-tested mission. At the same time, it’s the latest statement of who we are. The Kiwanis “look”—including logo, colors and typefaces—is an important part of our brand. How we talk about Kiwanis matters just as much. 

Kiwanis brand book
The Kiwanis brand book includes information about:

  • Fonts: new and classic options 
  • Colors: featuring a brighter Kiwanis gold 
  • Messaging: How to talk or write about Kiwanis 
  • Tips on working with local vendors

Kiwanis brand book

Kiwanis family logos and branding elements

Kiwanis Style Guide
Kiwanis primarily follows the Associated Press Stylebook for writing and editing copy for all print and Web publications. The Kiwanis International Style Guide contains general guidelines and extensions to the AP Stylebook for Kiwanis publications and communicating to Kiwanis members.

You may purchase an AP Stylebook at any bookstore or