The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been as true as it is today. In this multimedia world, images, audio, and video are powerful marketing and public relations tools.

A new way to view Kiwanis videos
Kiwanis International strives to make available to member clubs video and print materials that promote, grow and forward the work of the organization. In some cases, videos may be made available for online viewing, download or as a DVD. Many of our videos, due to file size and costs, will only be made available for online viewing on YouTube.

Any video longer than 10 minutes or larger than 2GB must be broken up into sections in accordance with YouTube’s policy and restrictions. Some videos we have will not be possible to have these conversions since they were received by outside vendors. Those videos (mainly .flvs) will remain .flvs and if necessary be uploaded to YouTube.

Download videos 
The videos made available for download in the Google Docs library at will be provided in the .mov format only. This format helps reduce the time and cost associated with producing multiple versions. You can download a free .mov player (compatible with either Mac or PC) here:

Need a DVD?
If a Kiwanis International video is neither on YouTube or in the Google Docs video download library, then a third option is to request a CD (data file) or DVD (plays in a DVD player). This may incur a cost to cover production and material costs, plus shipping and handling. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks from initial contact to receipt of video. Please send all requests to