Planning your club's success

Nobody can do it all. Neither can any Kiwanis club. That’s why you set priorities and create a plan to do what you can. As Jim Collins says in his book Good to Great, sometimes the stop-doing list is more important than the to-do list. Using these steps, your club can narrow down your focus to specific goals, making your to-do list more manageable.

The first two steps in developing your club’s success plan are:

Step 1: completing the club assessment
Step 2: completing the community analysis

The club assessment determines your club’s interests, commitment and resources. The community analysis helps you narrow down what is most crucial for your club to accomplish, and what you can stop doing in order to focus your resources on what’s most important. By prioritizing and planning, your club can make its desired impact on your community and beyond.

Once Steps 1 and 2 are complete, you’ll be ready to tackle Step 3: Set your goals