Community analysis

When you invest your money, you do your homework. You check with a financial advisor and study the options. The same should be true of your Kiwanis club. Before members invest their time, talent and resources in a service project, get the facts. Make sure the work you do will make an impact on your community—and the world. Follow these simple steps to analyze the community’s needs and your club’s ability to meet them.

  1. Ask about the community’s needs. Discover community needs by asking the right people the right questions.
  2. Analyze the community’s needs. Use the information gathered to determine which projects are a good fit for your club.
  3. Remove impractical projects from your list.
  4. Prioritize projects. Rate the remaining projects according to need, urgency, potential impact, club interests, community support and resources available.
  5. Utilize the information you’ve gathered to develop a three- to five-year strategic plan for service.
  6. Reconnect. Share your findings and project plans with survey participants, along with a thank-you note and an invitation to your upcoming meetings.
  7. Repeat as necessary. Things change over time. Conduct a new community analysis when things are growing stagnant or members are losing interest in projects.