Analyze the community’s needs

Use the information gathered to determine which projects are a good fit for your club.

Look at each potential project keeping these questions in mind:

  • What if we did it?
  • What if we didn’t do it?
  • What type of impact: long term or short term?
  • Is there any goodwill, public relations or marketing that can be gained by it?
  • Is some other organization better equipped to meet this need?
  • What type of a commitment is required: long term, short term, ongoing?

Look at each of your current projects the same way, keeping these additional questions in mind:

  • Does another agency offer the same services?
  • Could we ask another group or agency to take on this project if we decided to dedicate our resources to something new?
  • Are a significant number of people being served?
  • Are positive public relations opportunities available to the club through its projects?
  • Are members still interested in the projects?
  • Does the community still value the projects as much as the club does?