Prioritize projects

Prioritize ProjectsRate projects on your list according to need, urgency, potential impact, club interests, community support and resources available. Weigh the club’s resources against the community’s needs. Think impact versus investment versus interest.

A good way to work through this is to use a matrix. List each project as high or low in terms of: number of lives impacted, significance of that impact, how many people will hear about the club’s involvement in the project, cost and commitment. Look for as many high-impact/low-cost projects as possible, although your signature project may be a high-impact/high-cost project.

The Kiwanis family includes many high-impact/low-cost clubs and programs. Consider sponsoring a Service Leadership Program. Chartering a club has never been easier, using our chartering toolkit.

Keep in mind: Before you eliminate a favorite project because the impact is focused on a small group or the costs are too great, brainstorm with your club about ways to increase the project’s impact. You can also reduce a lot of costs by partnering with your Service Leadership Programs members or other organizations. Remember that your club needs to have a variety of smaller and larger projects. The larger projects will keep a goal to work toward while smaller projects offer more frequent service opportunities for your members to stay engaged.