7 qualities of a great leader

  1. Skilled listener
    A great leader asks the right questions, then carefully mines the responses to unearth the nuggets needed to inspire greatness in others. This is especially critical with a generation that’s accustomed to being heard.
  2. Problem solver
    Kiwanis leaders are faced with a wide range of challenges. They’ll need to figure out what steps should to be taken and what resources (people, time and community assistance) should be used to solve the problem.
  3. Passionate advocate
    A leader who has a deep commitment to the Kiwanis mission is highly attractive to volunteers. When a leader burns with a passion for the cause, people can’t help but be drawn to the warmth of that fire.
  4. Visionary
    People with a drive and a vision can inspire and motivate an entire organization to follow them to the future. They are able to see what others cannot yet see and then describe it in a compelling way.
  5. Change agent
    A great leader strikes a balance, providing the stability an organization needs to operate while serving as a catalyst for transformational change.
  6. Master communicators
    Leaders cultivate conversations, storytelling and compelling dialogue to maintain the interest of all the stakeholders.
  7. Action oriented
    Members who demonstrate leadership talents and skill sets should be encouraged to take on new responsibilities, giving them the opportunity to take initiative and to lead projects, events or committees.