Be open to different levels of member involvement 

The key to satisfaction is identifying what each member expects from their membership and making sure it is provided. Within your club membership there are a variety of degrees of participation and expectations. Maybe a younger Kiwanian without family obligations can devote enough time to organize a new website for the club but can’t afford to purchase and fill a table at the silent auction. Or maybe a member’s job is demanding the majority of her time, but she can provide monetary support for a project. Each plays a vital role in the club’s efforts to provide service.

Alternative support of the club 
Sometimes a member chooses to take a less active role in your club, but still supports the club monetarily. As long as the club is providing them with what they want, you will retain them as members.

Keep in touch so you are aware of their needs. If they cannot attend regularly, make sure they receive the club communications so they are aware of activities. Their schedule may change, giving them more time for active involvement. Then, take the time to direct them to the right activities.