What do we do with the results?

Reporting the findings

  • Start with the leadership. Present the findings to the board of directors and membership committee for review and discussion. Begin to discuss the possible strategies for club improvement.
  • Get everyone involved. Give the members a summary with relevant results and solicit their input for club goals.
  • Accentuate the positive. Be sure to highlight strengths of the club so everyone can celebrate the good things that are already happening in the organization. Remember that you are working to retain your good members so be sure that they know their work, input and ideas are making a positive difference.

Using the feedback

  • Make a plan. The feedback from the Club Excellence Tool can and should be used to complete the next step in the evaluation process, planning your club's success.
  • Work on weaknesses. Now that you know where there is room for improvement, your club can use the resources in this section of the KiwanisOne.org member resource website or get help by calling the Kiwanis Help Line at 800-549-2647 ext. 411.
  • Take one step at a time. If you find that your club has a lot of issues to address, try working on just one or two changes at a time. Decide which are the most pressing issues, the ones that are causing members to question their involvement, and work to improve your score in those categories.
  • Show your strength. On the other hand, if you find that your strengths far outweigh your weakness, celebrate and congratulate yourselves. And share your successes with your district officers. By sharing what you are doing right, you may be able to help other clubs that are looking to improve in these areas.