Flexible membership option

Things change. That’s why Kiwanis keeps creating new membership options for your club. Two of these options—club satellites and corporate memberships—can attract new members who otherwise may not be inclined to participate in your club. These options bring new resources to your club—and opportunities to recruit new members and keep current members engaged. Plus: Neither one requires special paperwork.

Corporate memberships
A corporate membership allows your club to add a local company or organization as a “member” via a designated membership seat.

How it works

  • The company or organization, rather than an individual, joins your club—just as a member ordinarily would.
  • That employee represents the company at your club meetings and events.
  • If that employee changes jobs or is transferred to a new location, a new employee can be designated to take his or her place—without being charged a new member fee by the organization or your club.

Companies that want to be “good corporate citizens” find this membership appealing because they recognize the value of affiliation with a well-respected service organization like Kiwanis. An added plus: The corporate member represents company interests within the club and develops a relationship between the company, Kiwanis and other community groups.

This type of relationship is ideal for companies that transfer employees every few years. It creates continuity of their representation and immediately involves their staff in the local community. Another benefit: The administrative process is as simple as a name change, with no additional fees.

Club satellites
A club satellite allows an independent group of people to become members of your club for a specific reason.

Forming a club satellite is a good option for clubs hoping to expand into a new area or appeal to a small group with common circumstances. The group may not be large enough to form a new club, but it might be just the right size to become a club satellite.

Adding a satellite club can empower your club to expand its service outreach. By joining the host club, satellite club members enjoy all the benefits of Kiwanis, including elected positions, attendance at conventions, KIWANIS magazine and insurance coverage.

How it works

  • The host club works with the club satellite to establish the guidelines of the relationship.
  • The host club board authorizes club satellite service projects and fundraising efforts.
  • The host club maintains the financial oversight to ensure appropriate compliance with local requirements.

There’s no minimum number of members needed to initiate a satellite, but if a satellite group reaches 15 or more, it can consider petitioning for its own charter without penalty to the host club. In addition, the host club can have several club satellites in an area, each meeting a unique need.

The Kiwanis International Board approved the waiver of the charter member fee for any club satellite members that petition for charter. Under this scenario, the newly chartered club will not receive any charter gift items (i.e., gong, gavel and banner) or credit (i.e., Kiwanis Kash, family store coupon, complimentary international convention registration) as is currently provided to new clubs. The 20% growth rebate will not apply to the host club when a club satellite charters.

Supporting a new club
Through your recruiting efforts, you may realize that there is enough interest to start a new club. As an established club, there are several ways you can contribute to and benefit from the new-club-building process. You’ll learn new techniques to make your club even stronger.

Further information on new-club building and the role of the sponsoring club is outlined in the New-club building pages.