Member-recruitment ideas

In addition to membership recruitment campaigns, here are some other ideas clubs can use to contribute to their recruitment efforts.

Serve side by side
Invite friends, parents of your Service Leadership Program members and other prospective members to join you in a service project. These people will experience firsthand the rewarding service your club performs while getting to know some other members.

Form recruitment teams
Divide your membership into teams, make recruitment a contest and offer an incentive. Teaming is a common sales tactic to motivate people. Though some may not strive to be the best, most will certainly work hard enough not to be last. You just might find that even “last place” is better than any previous efforts.

ReMember old friends
Many Kiwanians resign because of increasing demands on their time. Many of these are temporary situations, and after some time has passed, the former Kiwanian would be glad to rejoin. All you have to do is ask.

Host creative bring-a-guest days
Use some of these fun ideas to motivate your members to regularly bring guests to club functions.

Issue a challenge
Conduct a membership drive, and then issue a challenge to every new member: “Be the next to bring in a new member.” Adding an incentive may make it more appealing as well. “Be the next to bring in a new member, and the club will buy you dinner.”

Unlock their potential

The Distinguished Member designation is a club-administered recognition program that rewards member recruitment among other criteria. Award recipients receive a letter and special gift from the Kiwanis International president, plus a Distinguished Member pin and certificate.

Recognize successes
Clubs have used a number of ways to recognize members for recruiting new members. Here are some of their ideas:

  • Hold a random drawing in which members receive a chance to win for every member they recruit.
  • Score a straight competition to determine top recruiters.
  • Offer free meals to any member who brings a guest to a meeting.